WE-CIM CAD/CAM Includes Automatic True-Shape nesting which supports Automatic as well as Manual nesting. Nesting includes Parts-In-Parts , Multi Parts, automatic Lead Ins and Lead Outs, automatic repositioning and clamp avoidance. User can also modify the nested results by utilizing drag and drop functionality. Parts can be moved, copy and rotated, all visually on the screen. MRP/ERP integration makes your job easier by utilizing your existing Order Processing System. Support for CSV, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access. Import your data directly into our Nesting feature for fast and easy program creation. User defined field mapping and sort criteria are also included. WE-CIM ADVANCED NESTING WE-CIM CAD/CAM Edition is our newest product which provides a complete CAD/CAM sheet metal fabrication package. WE-CIM provides a simple, yet powerful solution to your fabrication needs. WE-CIM supports importing both  DWG and DXF file formats. Reporting and BAR Coding using a WYSIWYG designer lets you create and customize printouts and labels. ADV. FABRICATION supports Punch Presses, two-axis burners, lasers, waterjets, and combination machines. WE-CIM CAD/CAM Edition WE-CIM CAD/CAM Includes A stand alone CAD system. This helps smaller shops by not requireing a separate CAD package. Create DXF and DWG files with dimensioning and Title Blocks as well as other features. WE-CAD saves you money by providing another level of features at no extra cost WE-CIM MRP Interface WE-CAD HOURS Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm CST Friday 8:00am-12:00pm CST © Wittlock Engineering 2001-2015 384 Couny Road 1485 Cullman Alabama, 35058 PH: 256-737-3075