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Products WE-CIM CAD/CAM EDITION WE-CIM CAD/CAM Edition is our most complete product which provides a complete CAD/CAM sheet metal fabrication package. WE-CIM provides a simple, yet powerful solution to your fabrication needs.   •	WE-CIM CAD/CAM Edition includes WE-CAD, True Shape Automatic Nesting and our MRP interfcae •	WE-CIM supports importing both  DWG and DXF file formats.  •	Reporting and BAR Coding using a WYSIWYG designer lets you create and customize printouts and labels •	ADV. FABRICATION supports Punch Presses, two-axis burners, lasers, waterjets, and combination machines. •
WE-CIM Advanced Nesting
WE-CIM MRP Interface
Is a True Shape, Multi Part nesting solution. The following list shows just some of the features supported. For more information, contact our office or use our Contact page to request a demo.  Automated and manual support  Automatic lead in/out and piercing Automatic repositioning True-shape / Part-in-Part nesting. Users can modify the nesting results Fully customizable Reporting and BAR Coding. You can create reports of the nested sheets, part information per sheet, Machine and tooling information as well as others.
MRP/ERP integration makes your job easier by utilizing your existing Order Processing System. The following list shows just some of the features supported. CSV, XLS, MDB support User Defined Field Mapping Batch processing with User Defined sort Automatic Nesting database creation Automatic CNC Code Generation
Is a stand alone basic CAD package. This helps smaller shops by not requireing a separate CAD package. Create DXF and DWG files with dimensioning and Title Blocks as well as other features. WE-CAD saves you money by providing another level of features at no extra cost
From Concept to Cut Fast Take CAD Drawings Straight From Benchmark Draft Directly to Your Machine to Cut Benchmark Fabrication allows seamless code generation from your Benchmark Draft CAD and BIM drawings, saving you the labor associated with double entry of individual fittings. Create custom fabrication and nesting spools for your shop machinery straight from your drawings. Using Benchmark’s Batch Management allows for efficient production from start to finish in any shop. Benchmark Fabrication includes the Track module, which allows for QR or Bar code label generation. These can be scanned at different periods from fabrication to installation to allow real-time updates viewable in the Project Management Suite. For a full business producing with Benchmark, this is a very powerful tool. Benchmark Fabrication Users Have Access To: • Batch Management • Custom Fabrication and Nesting Spools • Nest drafted drawings and create CNC files • Shop Ticket Creation and full code generation • Benchmark BIM Viewer • Project Specific Correspondence Management • Import Drawings straight from Benchmark Detailers to fitting input (No Double Entry) • Built in Duct Construction Standards, which can be customized to your job • Deep Customizable Parts Library