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Training As it relates to training, there are three (3) methods offered. Depending on your personal situation, you can choose the method suitable for your needs. Training At OEM Wittlock Engineering has relationships with several machine tool vendors. Depending on the type of machine you have purchased, it is possible that we can provide training at the machine tool vendor's facility. Depending on the machine tool vendor, these classes are usually free of charge and included with the cost of your machine. Duration of the classes also depends on the machine tool purchased. Contact your machine tool vendor to check if training is offered at their facility.
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Internet Based Training In today's market we are all very busy trying to make a profit. Leaving your facility may not be a effective option for you. With this in mind you have the option of taking a on-line training course. This course is NOT a video. It is actual hands on with one of our support technicians. This type of training needs to be scheduled with Wittlock Engineering. We have found that it is best to do these types of classes in blocks of time. For example a 4 hour block at a time. This way you can take what you have learned, apply the information to your facility, digest that information and then move on to more features and functions. The cost of this training is $50.00 per hour.
ON-Site Training Wittlock Engineering also offers on-site training. In some cases this may be your best choice. One of our reps will come to your facility and work with your people in your exact environment. This training will need to be scheduled with Wittlock Engineering and as much lead time as possible is appreciated. Call for pricing for On-Site training.